Parking house

The eight floor Pávaház Office Building and Garage is located in the central part of Mester Street, its garage has 300 park places and it is open 24/7.

The facility is easy to access, it is easy to park there and payment is also simple. The state-of-the-art parking system satisfies all needs.

See the rates and choose your most convenient ticket or season ticket:

  • Hour rate: HUF 600 for every started hour
  • Daily ticket: HUF 6 000
  • Weekly ticket: HUF 15 000
  • Monthly ticket: HUF 30 000
  • Yearly ticket: HUF 330 000
  • Lost ticket: HUF 8.000

May you buy a season ticket, we guarantee and provide you with a dedicated place for the whole period.

More information: