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Spar Group – Spar Hungary

SPAR Hungary Trading Kft. has been operating on Hungarian market since 1991. The company has become a decisive stakeholder of chain stores of comestibles and daily merchandise in this extensive period. Network developments of the company has been being continuous since its establishment comprising acquisitions (like Billa, Kaiser’s, Plus) or green field investment projects. More than 400 SPAR units are operating currently in different types of outlets (INTERSPAR hypermarkets, SPAR supermarkets, City SPAR). The company has been managing its own meat processing factory in Bicske. SPAR Hungary has started its franchise cooperation and partnership program with retailers working in family ventures in 2012. This program is developing constantly.


Our Company, SES Hungary Kft. as a subsidiary of SES Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH (Ltd.), so indirectly it is a daughter of SPAR Austria Holding.

SES Spar European Shopping Centers Ltd. has been founded as an independent entity within SPAR Austria consortium in year 2007. Main objective was to foster effective real estate managing activities of the consortium with considerations to strategic guidelines.

SES Spar European Shopping Centers is a company managing top level commercial properties mainly shopping centers. Its activities are specialized on development, reconstruction, leasing and property management of these facilities. The Company performs this activities for SPAR Austria consortium and for third parties as well. SES has become the biggest shopping center developing, constructing and operating company in Austria and in Slovenia in recent years. The company is operating 30 shopping centers in five central European countries (Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Czech Republic) and it is one of the biggest developers in Europe.

SES on the Hungarian market

  • The first project of the Company was EUROPARK Shopping Center inaugurated in March, 1997. The Company was general lessee (tenant) till year 2014, then it was responsible for operating tasks, managing leasing transactions, marketing activities and overall management of the facility as its operator from 2015 to 2016. First lessees of EUROPARK were such big firms like Media Markt or Hervis and the first Interspar hypermarket of Budapest opened up also in this shopping center.
  • SES undertook the full operating responsibilities of KORZÓ Shopping Center in Nyíregyháza owned by Unicredit Leasing in April, 2009. SES introduced popular international and Hungarian brands in KORZÓ Shopping Center and – as a result – KORZÓ offers a broad portfolio of shopping opportunities by now and it has become the number one shopping destination of Nyíregyháza in recent few years. Thanks to proficiency of local management group SES Hungary Kft. has been successfully fulfilling leasing, operating and marketing activities of the mall till today.
  • Allianz Real Estate and NN Group opened Allee Shopping Center in November, 2009 and SES is responsible for operating tasks since the beginning. The operating team has successfully introduced Allee to the market with hard work and Allee is one of the best and most dynamically developing shopping malls of Budapest by today. SES was engaged with operating tasks till the end of year 2017.

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